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Hi, I’m Alison, a mom of three, passionate about all things nature – foraging, wildlife tracking, wilderness survival, and the feeling of deep connection with nature.

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Tracking – The Journey of Discovery

Since you have lots of alone and/or family time right now, it’s a perfect time to start learning and looking for animal tracks! I LOVE tracking and to me, it’s about learning about wild animals and ecosystems, not necessarily about hunting. Identifying new animal tracks, discovering where animals go in the forest, where they sleep,…

Tracking: An Activity for the Whole Family

One of my favorite activities that can be done year-round is tracking. Tracks are EVERYWHERE. However, it’s easiest to track in mud, sand, or snow. Kids love learning to read the earth and it’s also a great stepping stone to reading. Tracking, after all, is the original form of reading and many believe it led…

The Leaf Pile

Creating a giant leaf pile with your kids is an old favorite that most people have probably heard of. But, don’t dismiss it. Getting outside, smelling the leaves, running around, raking, and jumping in leaf piles makes this one of my most memorable fall activities from childhood. Raising happy, self-assured kids means teaching them happiness.…

Kids Fall in Love With Nature for Life Before Age Six

The squeal of excitement as my child finds a slug. The exhilaration on her face as she splashes through a stream. The exuberance as she climbs a steep mountain at a sprint, loaded down with two backpacks. These are the memories I will hold dear when my kids grow up. And I have no doubt,…

15 Reasons Why Kids Need Nature

Nature is essential to growing healthy, competent children. Time in the backyard, going to a park, gardening, or exploring an abandoned woodlot all count as time in nature. For children under 5, an hour or two daily in the backyard might be enough to meet their needs. For children 5 and up, I highly recommend…

5 Reasons to Teach Your Kids Wild Edible Plants

My kids started learning what to eat from the forest as soon as they could walk. At the same time, I taught them what NOT to eat. Luckily, in our yard, there was only one poisonous plant – pokeweed. You can eat pokeweed only if you boil the shoots in 3 changes of water, which…

The Backyard Camp Out

I’m amazed time and time again by how much my kids LOVE backyard camp outs. To kids who are 2 and 5, simply setting up a tent in the backyard and sleeping in it is a great adventure. If you have a backyard that isn’t quite suitable for overnight camping, you might want to consider setting up a…

Tracking a Deep Connection to Wild Animals

Have you ever sat silently in the woods until the deer, curious about a quiet human visitor, have come out to see who you are? Have you ever swam across a pond and come so close to baby beavers you could touch them? These are a few of the things I have spent countless hours…

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Hi, I’m Alison! I’m passionate about barefoot, night walks through muddy swamps and waiting for hours to see the deer, beavers, and river otters up close. Read more


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