Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival Crash Course

Preparing for a Backpacking Trip? Want to Learn Survival Skills Quickly?

This action-packed class will cover a lot of material in a short span of time.

We’ll cover:

– Friction Fire

– Flint and Steel

– Shelter Building and Finding Natural Shelters

– Finding and Purifying Water

– An Introduction to Hunting and Trapping

– A Few Wild Edible Plants and Medicinal Plants That Could Save Your Life

You’ll walk away knowing everything you need to know to be able to survive a few days in the wilderness until rescue comes or until you can walk out.

Instructor: Alison Meehan

Join us in Short Pump, which backs up to 600 acres of county-owned forest, to learn the basics of wilderness survival.

Next Offering:

Saturday, July 27,  2019. 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Cost: $75

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