The Leaf Pile

Creating a giant leaf pile with your kids is an old favorite that most people have probably heard of. But, don’t dismiss it. Getting outside, smelling the leaves, running around, raking, and jumping in leaf piles makes this one of my most memorable fall activities from childhood.

Raising happy, self-assured kids means teaching them happiness. And happiness stems from play. Everyone knows kids play and most recognize the benefits of it. But, did you know that it’s extremely beneficial for grown-ups to play too? It keeps that feeling of aliveness present, makes you happier, helps you regulate your emotions, reduces stress, fosters creativity, and helps form bonds with friends and family. I’ve heard it said that successful people don’t work, they play. It can apply to any field or hobby.

So, start initiating play in your life today by building a leaf pile and jumping in it! If you have kids, you can play hide and go seek in leaf piles or have them bury you in leaves. Your kids will have wonderful memories of fall and playing with you that will last for the rest of their lives!





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