As someone who has bouts of insomnia, I’m always looking for something quick and easy that I can add to my daily routine and prevent night-time tossing and turning.

Look no further than herbal infused honeys! You can make herbal infused honeys for many ailments and it’s easily stored, lasts indefinitely, and can be quickly stirred into a mug of warm water or even taken by the spoonful by a fussy child or toddler.

The mysterious and often hidden world of medicinal herb preparation often makes people surprised when the start to learn about infused honeys. I know I was!

Medicinal plants doesn’t have to be super hard – so don’t make it! All you need to do is study herb properties, wild plant identification, and how to grow herbs, unless you want to take the short-cut and buy them. Remember, for millions of years, people used plants for food and medicine in all cultures and all over the world. Often it was all the had! Yes, there once was a lot of witchcraft and fake science because they didn’t have the knowledge that we do now. But, many herbs really do have medicinal properties that are as effective as pricey, store-bought medicines, but with fewer side affects.

To make an herbal infused honey, you can use either fresh herbs or dried herbs.

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