COVID-19 has forced my hand. Like many of you, I’m trying to find a new way of living that still includes the things I love.

I miss my in-person courses dearly and I believe in getting people outside as much as possible, but with the way things are right now, I’ve decided include online training options as well that will continue indefinitely.

Although I’ve been reluctant, I’m realizing this will help me teach many plants, recipes, and remedies that are harder to teach in a 4 hour course on a planned date. Many plants need to be harvested during a short window of 2 to 4 weeks and predicting that window can be challenging. Mushrooms are even trickier since they come up after a rain event.

By doing this membership program, you will know when and what I am harvesting that very week so that you can go out and find the same thing the exact time it is available to be harvested. If you live in Virginia, this is a sure bet to find what we’re harvesting. If you live near us, you’ll still be able to learn a lot, the season might just be slightly ahead or behind ours.

This is what the Membership-based Wildcrafting Course will include:

  • Wild Edible Plants
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Wild Mushrooming
  • Recipes Provided at the Time You Can Harvest
  • Harvesting Tips
  • Propagating Ideas
  • Preservation of Your Harvest
  • Protecting, Spreading, and Conserving the Wild Plants We Love

Delivery Method:

  • A Weekly e-Newsletter
  • A Monthly Video
  • A Growing Wildcrafters Online Community
  • Access to All Previous Blogs for the Duration of your Membership
  • A Private Facebook Group for Posting Plant and Mushroom Photos, Setting Up Meet-Ups, and More!

Beta testing begins in May with a low, $5 / month rate. Lock it it now before it doubles in June!



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