Learn how to safely forage for food and medicine! The training is all online, but will motivate you to get outside more and keep you learning. Many course participants at the in-person Tracks and Roots courses find the material is hard to learn in just one day. This learning community allows you to learn a little each week, when the plants are available to be harvested!

Membership Includes:

  • Access to an experienced forager, Alison Meehan, for questions, motivation, and mentoring
  • Seasonal, Weekly Recipes and Herbal Remedies Using Plants Local to You!
  • One Educational Video per Month
  • Access to All Past Blog Articles

Course Topics Covered:

  • Wild Edible Plants
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Wild Mushrooming
  • Recipes Provided at the Time You Can Harvest
  • Harvesting Tips
  • Propagating Ideas
  • Preservation of Your Harvest
  • Protecting, Spreading, and Conserving the Wild Plants We Love