All in-person courses will be in the Greater Richmond Area. Also check the Adult Courses because often kids, especially teenagers, can attend.

Wander, play games, sing songs, and learn with other kids in the woods!

Learn how to move silently through the forest, track coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and squirrels, identify plants and trees, create forest crafts, practice survival skills, and much more while forming lasting friendships!

Drop off location is at our home in Glen Allen, Virginia, which backs up to 600 acres of forest.

Course Instructors

Alison Meehan


Alison is the creator of Tracks and Roots. She has her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Policy and Planning from Virginia Tech and has been an avid naturalist, wilderness survivalist, and tracker for 20 years. She is an expert at identifying trees, tracks, and wild edible and medicinal plants. She has received training from Coyote Tracks, the Tracker School, the Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Group, the Firefly Gathering, the Earth Connection School, the Wilderness Awareness School, the Living Earth School as well as from college courses and clubs. Most of her knowledge of nature awareness and survival has been passed down directly to her from two mentors, Mike Blackwell and Bill Sydor, who took her under their wing as a young adult.

She lives with her three kids in Glen Allen, Virginia.

David Meehan

David is the co-dreamer, editor, and back-up manager of Tracks and Roots. He has his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Crop and Soil Environmental Science and has completed 2 years of graduate level ecology courses. He is an avid gardener, a hobby naturalist, and a wild edible plant expert. A trained martial artist and hobby war historian, he worked for the U.S. Army for 7 years as a military police officer. He resides in Glen Allen, Virginia with his wife and three kids.


Leigh Hulva

Leigh Hulva is a Registered Nurse, a trained herbalist, and a mother of two. She spent a year running her own organic farm and selling produce. Now, she gardens only for her family and raises backyard chickens.

She lives in Short Pump, Virginia with her two daughters and husband.

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