Suburban Doomsday Prepping – May 14, 2022



This is for your typical American family. You’re on the grid. You live in a neighborhood or close to one. You want life to be the easy, peaceful one you’ve always known.

BUT, it seems like disasters are happening more frequently. How to you prepare for a major weather event or a manmade emergency? What if the unthinkable happens and were out of power for over a week straight? What if the grocery store shelves are bare for several weeks or more, as they were a couple weeks in COVID?

This course will go far beyond toilet paper hoarding and will cover actions you can take now to make your life smoother in the future during those small disasters and larger ones.

This is taught by Alison Meehan, who spent five years working in partnership with FEMA helping communities respond to, prevent, and prepare for flood disasters.


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