Short Pump Wild Plant Harvesting and Preparation Course – June 6, 2020


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Note: You are required to take the Wild Edible Plant Course at Forest Hill Park prior to this one unless you have prior approval from the site manager! You will be expected to already be able to identify 20 to 30 common wild edible plants before this course. This is a chance for you to test and use what you learned in the per-requisite!

Get hands on experience harvesting and preparing dishes using what we learned in the Forest Hill Park Course. We’ll make a frittata with wild greens, ice cream with a wild spice, muffins, sassafras tea, and cooked greens.

Location: Glen Allen, VA, one mile from Short Pump Mall on a farm that backs up to 300 acres of forest.

Within 1 to 2 day, you will receive an e-mail with the course address and other instructions!

Instructor: Alison Meehan


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