Homeschool Tracking and Survival Series



Come on out, homeschool parents and kids for a hands-on, weekly survival lessons.

You may pay through here or via cash, but please send me a message with your plan to attend. I have room for about 10 cars.


Fridays November and December Starting Nov. 10 (6 Fridays ) – 10-12 PM

Week 1 (Fri. Jan. 5): Tracking Deer, Canines, and Felines

Week 2 (Fri. Jan. 12): Tracking the Weasel Family (River Otters, Mink, etc.) and Rodents

Week 3 (Fri. Jan. 19): Tracking Raccoons, Oppossums, and Skunks

Week 4 (Friday Jan. 26): Building warm, dry shelters

Week 5 (Friday Feb. 2): Finding and making tinder, starting a 5-minute match fire and tending to it

Week 6 (Friday Feb. 9): Additional fire-methods (Flint and steel, bow drill using pre-made kids, using hand-drill for more advanted kids)

Week 7 (Friday Feb. 16): How to move through the wildnerness silently and see animals up close. Wander and scout games.

Week 8 (Friday Feb. 23): Starting a sit spot routine, mapping, and bird language.


Cost: $80 per child (ages 2 and under, free; families with 3 kids or more, $25 per class ($200 Total)

May pay here, via PayPal, Stripe, or bring cash.

Logistics: We can hold class indoors in rainy weather.

E-mail: to sign up if you want to pay with cash


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