Intro to Chinese Medicine Course


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Learn the ancient art of chinese medicine from Dana Mitchell, who was born and raised in rural China and grew up using herbs as part of her every day life to ward disease, increase longevity, and cure diseases.

When: 10-2 November 11, 2023

Location: Glen Allen, VA 1 mile from Short Pump Mall at our country property with several hundred acres of forest in the back.

Dana Mitchell, Chinese Medicine Instructor

Lesson Plan: Introduction to Chinese Herb Medicine

Duration: 4 hours

I. Chinese Medicine Basics (30 minutes)

1. Introduction (5 minutes)

– Welcome and introduce yourself as the instructor.

– Provide an overview of the lesson plan.

2. Key Principles (10 minutes)

– Explain the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine, such as Qi, Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements theory.

3. Body Constitution (10 minutes)

– Discuss how Chinese medicine categorizes individuals based on body constitution.

– Mention the importance of understanding one’s own constitution.

4. Balancing Techniques (5 minutes)

– Briefly introduce techniques like acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal medicine as tools for balance.

II. Self-Checking with Chinese Medicine (30 minutes)

1. Understanding Pulse and Tongue (15 minutes)

– Teach participants how to read their pulse and tongue to assess their health.

– Discuss what various pulse qualities and tongue conditions indicate.

2. Body Constitution Self-Assessment (15 minutes)

– Provide a self-assessment questionnaire or checklist for participants to determine their body constitution.

III. Wild Plants and Common Diseases (45 minutes)

1. Introduction to Wild Plants (10 minutes)

– Discuss the use of wild plants in traditional Chinese medicine.

– Mention the importance of ethical foraging practices.

2. Common Diseases and Remedies (25 min, Questions and Feedback (5 minutes)

– Open the floor for any remaining questions.

– Encourage participants to provide feedback on the lesson.

3.  Q&A (10 minutes)

– Encourage participants to ask questions about specific remedies and usage.

IV. Herb Soup for Four Seasons (1 hour)

1. Introduction to Herb Soups (10 minutes)

– Explain the significance of herb soups in traditional Chinese medicine.

– Highlight the balance of Yin and Yang in different seasons.

2. Seasonal Herb Soup Recipes (40 minutes)

– Provide recipes for herb soups suitable for each season.

– Explain the properties of the ingredients and their benefits.

3. Cooking Demonstration (10 minutes)

– Demonstrate the preparation of a simple herb soup for the current season.

V. Cooking Chinese Medicine Soup (15 minutes)

1. Ingredients and Tools (5 minutes)

– Explain what herbs and equipment are needed for making Chinese medicine soup.

2. Preparation and Cooking Process (10 minutes)

– Walk through the step-by-step process of making a basic Chinese medicine soup.

VI. Closing and Questions (10 minutes)

1. Recap (5 minutes)

– Summarize the key points covered in the lesson.

2. Questions and Feedback (5 minutes)

– Open the floor for any remaining questions.

– Encourage participants to provide feedback on the lesson.

Cost: $125 (includes supplies and herbs)


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