Common Violet

Violet (Violaceae Viola spp.) is a mild tasting and common plant in the eastern U.S. You can collect the flowers and eat them raw or if you can collect 5 – 6 cups of them, you may want to try making violet jelly by following […]


Did you know that there is free, over-the-counter medicine waiting just outside your doorstep? Plants! We all probably learned that medicinal plants were used by people all over the world before modern medicine? Many of these herbs have fewer side affects than prescription pills and […]

Persimmon Pudding

Have you ever had a persimmon, the fruit of the gods? What about a North American persimmon, Diospyros virginia? These persimmons are similar to the Asian persimmons, but much smaller – only about an inch in diameter. This misunderstood Virginia-native fruit can turn even the […]

Red Clover

Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) is a common weed in Central Virginia that I have eaten since I was young. It’s pink, roundish flowers are so tempting and pretty and conjure images of Thumper in Bambi and his desire only to eat the blossoms. I used to […]


Milkweed (Family Asclepiadaceaeis) another plant native to central Virginia. It’s POISONOUS and edible. How does that work? Well, you have to cook them enough to remove the toxins. WARNING: DO NOT EAT IT RAW!!! The sap of milkweed is white and milky, hence the name […]

Wood Sorrel

Wood sorrel (Oxalis spp.) is a common weed in central VA. It has 5-petaled yellow flowers and a delicious, lemony flavor that even kids love and can work as a lemon replacement in recipes. It’s best raw and works as a great addition to salads […]


Chicory is a neat plant for coffee and tea lovers. It doesn’t contain any caffeine, but it tastes similar. To make a tea/coffee substitute, collect the roots. After washing them thoroughly, roast them on a low temperature in the oven. Then, grind the roasted root into […]

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