Tracking – The Journey of Discovery

Since you have lots of alone and/or family time right now, it’s a perfect time to start learning and looking for animal tracks! I LOVE tracking and to me, it’s about learning about wild animals and ecosystems, not necessarily about hunting. Identifying new animal tracks, […]

Stuffed Dock Leaves

Dock is a fairly common, perennial weed introduced from Europe. Found in most states in the Unites States, you’ll also find it in New Zealand, Australia, and many other countries throughout the world. It’s in the buckwheat family, Polygonacea, and often called cushy-cows, butterdock, kettle […]

Redbud Salad

Eastern Redbud, Cercis canadensis, is a gorgeous tree that brightens up early Spring all along roadsides in the Eastern United States with pink flowers. It blooms between March and April. You can find them right now if you look. In addition to their beauty they […]

Dandelion fritters

Dandelions are everywhere and most people at least vaguely know how to identify them. The most common look-alike in our area is Cat’s Ear (Hypochaeris radicata), but it is also edible. Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is frequently confused as well, but the flowers are a blue-purple, […]

Pine Needle Tea

Pine needles are bursting with Vitamin C all winter long and can help keep your immune system up and prevent scurvy even in the worst of winters! Please do not use loblolly pine needles (3 needles), as they contain a chemical that can cause long-term […]

Dandelion Chips

Have you every heard that dandelion greens are edible? Well, they are, but they are quite bitter so it’s best to come prepared for how to deal with that. Identification: Flowers: The common dandelion flowerhead over 100 yellow ray florets and no disk florets; the […]

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