The Window Bird Feeder

A great, yet very simple way to connect your kids deeply to nature is setting up a small, window bird feeder. Someone who’s handy with a hammer could make one cheaply. Being too impatient, I bought mine for less than $30. I set it up in the window that we spend the most time near – in the dining room.

It usually takes a couple of days for the birds to find your feeder for the first time, so don’t worry! First come the chickadees, then a tufted titmouse or two. Soon, your feeder will be well-used and loved by the birds in your yard. If your kids can sit still and quiet for a few minutes, they will be able to see one up close, which is an awesome way to learn stillness, quieting mind, and living in the moment.

Have fun and buy or make your kids a window bird feeder for their next birthday!

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