10 Reasons Why Kids Need Recess

Recess is about more than just exercise. It’s time to calm down and process the learning they just had in class. It’s time to bond with classmates and play imaginative games. It’s time to run, play, and relax.

The other day, I was surprised to find out recess in my own school district for Kindergarten is only 30 minutes a day. They have a full school day too, 6 hours long. Here, I though Kindergarten would be all fun and games and a gradual transition to school.

Here are the top 10 reasons why kids need more recess:

  1. Kid/Teacher Burn Out
  2. Improves Class Behavior
  3. Improves Kids Attitudes
  4. Recess Increases Focus
  5. Kids Need Sunlight
  6. Reduces Stress
  7. Improves Social Growth
  8. Reduces Obesity
  9. Excercise Activates the Brain
  10. Reduces ADD/ADHD Symptoms

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