The Sit Spot

One of core routines of connecting to nature is The Sit Spot. You may do this alone or with a willing child at any age. I started taking my first daughter out to my sit spot when she was a newborn. This helped me overcome the stress that comes with being a new mother. I still take my second child and sometimes both of my kids, but normally I try to go without them at this point.

The basics of it are this: Find a spot in nature and sit!

A spot you can go to every day or several times a week is best, so make it close to your home. Even a porch can work. Near water or at the edge area is good if you have it nearby. Otherwise, just something that’s close to home.

Try to sit for at least 30 minutes each time and listen to the world around you.

What Do You Do While You’re At Your Sit Spot? 

There are many things you can do at your sit spot, but I’ve written 5 that you should do regularly:

  1. Bring a journal and write down all observations about the trees, plants, birds, and other animals. What sounds do the birds make? What are they doing? Can you identify them? Are the trees deciduous or evergreen?
  2. Offer thanks for the things you have in your life.
  3. Meditate to calm your mind. A calm mind and still body is less scary to wild animals and you will be more observant.
  4. Sit blindfolded for 10 minutes. When you take the blindfold off, notice how still your eyes are and how the world looks more beautiful than ever.
  5. Set up a bird feeder and hold some bird seed in your hand. How many days does it take for the birds to eat from your hand?



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