Get Dirty!

To me, being a kid is about getting dirty, playing games, and having no worries.

So often today, kids must follow a laundry list of rules. “Don’t play in the mud, you’ll get dirty.” “Don’t go in the grass. It’s wet.” “Don’t climb that tree. You’ll fall.” I’ve heard all of these phrases and sometimes, I’m tempted to say them myself. But I try to stop myself and let them take off their shoes and run around in puddles and mud. I’m always rewarded by seeing their delight and hearing their squeals and giggles.

Let your kids experience nature first hand. If you don’t want their clothes stained, have at least some cheap, second-hand outfits you don’t mind them getting dirty. Or, let them wear their swimsuits outside during a rain storm if it’s warm enough.

The feeling of wet grass squishing under your feet is unique and kids crave it. Splashing in puddles and getting all wet always makes my kids giggle for the rest of the day and play well together.

My kids and I have many great memories of playing in the rain, which is probably why we usually run outside, not inside, when the rain begins. Rain boots, umbrellas, and rain coats all make it fun even when it’s chilly.

The other day, this allowed up to catch sight of a perfect rainbow, which delighted my girls tremendously.


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